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Smarter Mobile Robots for Inspection and Logistics


The Future of Logistics Automation

Automate your point to point goods movement needs with Magellan to unlock the full potential of your production process. Integrate Magellan into your work process with minimum cost, complexity and installation time to take your first step towards Industry 4.0.

Key Dimensions

Max. Payload Operating Speed Max. Runtime
250 kg 1.5 m/s 8 hours

How Magellan can help you?

• Adaptable: Magellan can adapt to your current operations with minimum operational and design changes to your existing work process

• Floor Usage Optimization: More efficient and faster goods movement processes with Magellan will ensure optimum usage of your limited storage and production space

• Insights & Data Reports: Better understand your production process by making use of the generated data reports of your material movement cycles.

How to use Magellan?


Quick Setup & Map

After a quick setup of Magellan, it can be used to map the operating area which is then automatically saved in the central system.


Schedule Tasks

Jobs can be scheduled to each robot in advance for any specific time slot. Multiple jobs can be saved at one time to avoid continuous job feeds.



Watch a fleet of mobile robots autonomously operate the jobs while complementing the human workforce. All activities can be easily monitored over a simple dashboard.


Advance from manual, conventional means of inspection to a completely autonomous robotics systems for around the clock operation with live video streaming features. Use Copernicus to enjoy a reliable, responsive and more efficient alternative to your manual inspection process.

Key Dimensions

Max. Payload Operating Speed Max. Runtime
100 kg 2.0 m/s 8 hours


Botsync is a robotics company that was started with the vision to provide easily deployable and cost effective mobile robot solutions to enable SMEs, especially in the APAC region to improve their productivity and compete with multinational corporations.

Today companies struggle to meet the growing consumer demand. With larger corporations investing considerably in advanced robotic solutions to improve their labor productivity, small to medium scale enterprises are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their share of the economic pie. With over 10 years of experience in designing robotic systems, and the backing of Nanyang Technological University, Brinc Hong Kong and Artesian Ventures, we hope to technologically empower SMEs to produce at larger scales and compete economically with their global competitors.


If you have a request for any specific design changes, or would like a price estimate, please feel free to reach out to us.

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